January's Theme:


Choose: Pick 1-2 topics and skills to focus on this month.

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Topics: Technology overuse, video game addition, eating disorders, human trafficking, cyberbulling, online safety.

Skills: Empathy, mentoring, volunterring.

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Activity Ideas


January 11th

National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

To raise awareness about this important topic, BrainAbouts suggests engaging students in a #WearBlueDay, morning announcement, age-appropriate in-class video/discussion from NetSmartz, and sending a family information communication to facilitate learning at home.

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Family Communication


January 18

Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service

BrainAbouts suggests engaging students, student groups, and families in a volunteer activity benefiting the school or community. MLK Jr. Day is a Day On, Not a Day Off.

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Family Communication


Begins 3rd Sunday in January

National Healthy Weight Week

BrainAbouts suggests promoting healthy weight management skills throughout the week with poster campaign, in-class video/discussion, daily lunchroom exhibit, and family information communication.

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Family Communication


January 28th

Data Privacy Day

BrainAbouts encourages students to own their online presence and learn how to protect their privacy with in-class video/discussion, a library or lunchroom display table, and family information communication.

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Family Communication



National Mentoring Month

BrainAbouts recommends starting a student mentoring program or signing your school up for engagement in a community mentorship program. 

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Family Communication

Activity Resources

  • NetSmartz

    Select developmentally appropriate video for elementary, middle, or high school student to educate about human trafficking.

  • #WearBlueDay

    Use the information on the Department of Homeland Security's webpage for your school's #WearBlueDay campaign. 

  • Dove Self-Esteem Project

    Select video and/or teacher curriculum to discuss appearance ideals and developing healthy body image self-talk. 

  • National CyberSecurity Alliance

    Share data privacy videos appropriate for middle and high school students. 

BrainAbouts Videos: About Technology & Body Image

Watch the BrainAbouts video in class or at home, and use the BrainAbouts Handouts as a discussion guide. Explore Technology Overuse or Video Game Addiction to learn how technology can become a high-risk behavior.
Watch the BrainAbouts video in class or at home, and use the BrainAbouts Handouts as a discussion guide. Explore the Eating Disorders & Body Image topic page to learn more.

Skill Building

Empathy, Mentoring & Volunteering

  • Empathy

    Use the BrainAbouts Empathy Skills Building Handout as a class or group activity to generate understanding and practice this important executive function skill.  

  • Mentoring

    Use Mentoring.org to learn about mentoring, gather information on mentoring projects, and locate a local mentoring program to join for your school or as a student wellness group project.

  • Volunteering on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

    Celebrate a civil rights leader's life and legacy by volunteering. Use the AmeriCorps website to learn about the Day On project, find volunteer opportunities, and gather communication resources to promote your MLK Day On activity.